Häufig gestellte Fragen

When will you update the amount of tracks?
Every day we will add more tracks/labels.

Can I distribute the downloaded tracks?
No, the downloaded tracks are for personal use only.

Can I download tracks in WAV format?
Yes, most tracks are available in WAV format. If you want a track in WAV format that is currently not availabale you can email us at support@hardtunes.com

How can I pay my downloaded MP3s and WAVs?
You can pay by all major creditcards, ideal and paypal

My MP3 doesn't work, what can I do?
Send a mail including your invoice to support@hardtunes.com, we'll be happy to solve the problem.

Why do the prices vary?
The prices of the tracks are up to the label, they have a final say in the price.

How to join support@hardtunes.com?
Hardtunes works only with established labels who have 10 releases or more. We work with official, registered businesses who have a VAT number or other official tax status. We don't work with producers but only with labels. If you want to get your tracks on Hardtunes as a producer we suggest you try to join one of the labels who are already uploading to Hardtunes.