Giorgio Coniglione know as Hellsystem and also beside Evil Entity project, was born in Palermo 27th november 1979 and since the early ’90 he was attracted by electronic and hardest kind of music. In 1994 when he discover Hardcore was immediately in love with it. In 98 he moved to Rome and started to produce some tracks with a simple play-station software (just for fun). In may 2002 he bought first equipment and finally it was time to produce music. At the end of 2002 Giorgio sent a demo to Hardcore Blasters and the tracks were good enough to be released in his first e.p. “Beat Motherfucker”. Due to fast learning and increased skills, some of Hellsystem production were included in compilations as Thunderdome, Always Hardcore, Masters of Hardcore. His first big hit was definitely , in november 2003, “Hustlers” played by several djs. In 2004 it was time to release also the first album called “Back from darkness”. After getting into the scene as producer, necessarily he practiced a lot as dj, resulting in gigs in different countries like Holland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland. Final words are dedicated to describe his music style: atmospheric, melodic and dark, with a lot of crazy tricks!